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 Craniosacral Therapy For Babies and Mothers

For a Cranial therapist, treating young babies and their mothers is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences.  Babies (especially new-borns) tend to respond very quickly and effectively to treatment, especially for conditions like colic and sleeplessness. 

Just as a seedling can be nurtured with the smallest amount of physical guidance to grow into a healthy plant, so a baby, by the gentlest of encouragement, can be helped to release the stresses and trauma of the birth process and so avoid possible physical and psychological trauma later in life.

The compressive forces experienced during birth as a result of the passage through the pelvis and the tight fit in the birth canal can cause imbalance in a baby's system, even in natural and apparently problem-free births.  Many babies experience difficulties through the use of Ventouse extraction, forceps or Caesarean deliveries.  Every type of birth has its own compressive patterns on a babyís body, especially its head, and Craniosacral therapy can go a long way to easing these patterns through the therapistís light touch and receptive listening.

Common new-born's problems like colic, sucking problems and respiratory difficulties may be due to compression arising from birth trauma.  These can sometimes develop into problems later in life such as depression, migraine, sinusitis, spinal and pelvic pain. Recent studies involving patients with severe psychological problems has shown that the vast majority had difficult or traumatic births.

Craniosacral therapy originated with the work of Dr William Sutherland, an American osteopath, who discovered intrinsic movements of the bones of the skull around the turn of the century. His further research revealed different rhythmic tidal motions in the body. These movements, which can be measured with delicate scientific instruments and felt by a skilled Craniosacral therapist, are a direct expression of the health of the babyís and adultís system.

As research continued it became apparent that these movements are inextricably linked with not only physical health but also mental and emotional health. Palpation of these tide-like motions allows Craniosacral therapists to facilitate change in areas of restriction. This restriction of movement corresponds to a lack of the capacity of the life force to express its self-healing.

Craniosacral Therapy can also be extremely helpful for mothers during pregnancy, labour and after the birth as the body readjusts.  It is so gentle that it is suitable for all ages and also in fragile or acutely painful conditions. As a whole body therapy, treatment may aid many conditions, raising the vitality and enabling the body's own self-healing process to be utilised. 

Health issues in adults which are linked to their birth or very early experience can often be back-tracked and resolved retrospectively.


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Conditions That Can Be Alleviated by Treatment from a Craniosacral Therapist Include:




Back Pain

Birth Trauma


Cerebral Palsy



Digestive Problems

Drug Withdrawal



Effects of Cancer Treatment


Frozen Shoulder

Hormonal Imbalances


Immune System Disorders



Menstrual Pain, PMS



 Problems During and After Pregnancy

Reintegration After Accidents



Spinal Curvature

Sports Injuries

Stress Related Illnesses

Tinnitus and Middle Ear Problems

TMJ (jaw) Disorders

Visual Disturbances

Whiplash Injuries

This is not an exhaustive list of conditions that may be helped by Craniosacral Therapy, but do remember that if you are getting any symptoms, the first thing to do is seek medical advice in case it is something serious that needs conventional medical attention