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Vaccine Damage Compensation

Amazingly there is a UK government web page that tells you how to claim compensation for vaccine damage for 14 different vaccinations

click here ...

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Craniosacral Therapy News

One of the main arguments put forward by those opposed to the work of complementary therapies is that they are dangerous by default because people may not seek medical attention when they may have a serious condition. There is another side to this argument and in addition to good news about alternatives in the mainstream press, we provide links to recent stories in the news pointing out the dangers of conventional treatment.

And yes, as any competent craniosacral or other therapist will tell you, do get your symptoms checked by a doctor as well as making your own choices.

Most recent news stories first:

Unfortunately the mainstream media is not over generous in reporting good news about the benefits of craniosacral therapy, so what is here is mainly about the dangers of mainstream medicine!

"British Medical Journal investigation finds that treatment guidelines issues to doctors can be lacking in evidence and riddled with conflicts of interest"

This story comes from the website of a UK doctor and here is a snippet:

“Doctors who are sceptical about the scientific basis of clinical guidelines have two choices: they can follow guidelines even though they suspect doing so will cause harm, or they can ignore them and do what they believe is right for their patients, thereby risking professional censure and possibly jeopardising their careers.” Read More ...

"Cutting cord too early puts babies at risk, NHS warned"

This story from the Guardian is a real classic. 'Experts' have decided that cutting the cord too early is a bad thing to do and puts babies at risk. Actually experts like craniosacral therapists and other alternative therapists have been saying this for decades, but now the 'real' experts have finally cottoned on that we were right all along. Don't expect any credit for it - read the full story here ...

"The real cancer killer: rip-off prices for drugs" -

Doctors say industry 'profiteering' threatens lives

If anyone doubts the real motive of the medical industry then read this story in the Independent  - Evidence Based Medicine is in reality Profit Based Medicine - read more here ...


"Health watchdog forced to take action against Cambridgeshire hospital which performed operation on WRONG patient"

The health watchdog has been forced to take action against a hospital trust which performed a surgery on the wrong patient.

Within a month, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust performed four botched surgeries, including leaving instruments inside two patients and performing surgery on the wrong person.

Surgeons also operated on the wrong part of the body of another patient, Monitor said.

The regulator said that since September 2011, eight "never events" - instances which are never supposed to happen - have happened at the trust, including four between September and October last year. Read more ...

"Scientists urge ministers: tell truth on 'over-hyped' flu vaccine"

The flu vaccine given to millions of people each year in Britain is “over-promoted” and “over-hyped” and the protection it offers against the seasonal illness has been exaggerated, scientists claim.

Flu causes thousands of deaths, mainly among the elderly, in the UK each year but the vaccine is of limited effectiveness, especially for older people. One expert told The Independent the Government should be held accountable for “wasting taxpayer’s money” on the annual £120m national vaccination campaign. Read more ...

"Doctors' basic errors are killing 1,000 patients a month"

Almost 12,000 patients are dying needlessly in NHS hospitals every year because of basic errors by medical staff, according to the largest and most detailed study into hospital deaths ever performed in the UK. Yes you read that right 12,000 patients a year die because of medical errors! Read more ...

GlaxoSmithKline fined $3bn for healthcare fraud

Pharmaceutical giant pleads guilty to three criminal charges over mis-selling of drugs and withholding of data. We suspect this is the snowflake resting on the tip of the iceberg but at least someone got caught at last ... Read more ... and more on this story here

Is doctors' fixation on treatment making us ill?

"An over-reliance on healthcare threatens to bankrupt the world – and make all of us sick. The ability of modern medicine to recognise illness has been so finely honed, its tests have become so sensitive, its definitions of ill health so broad, that more and more "patients" have been sucked within its ambit. And while its capacity to heal the sick is unquestioned there is growing anxiety about its propensity to harm the healthy." Read more ...

Swiss Government Reports on Homeopathy

The government of Switzerland has a long history of neutrality, and therefore, reports from this government on controversial subjects need to be taken more seriously than other reports from countries that are more strongly influenced by present economic and political constituencies. Further, when one considers that two of the top five largest drug companies in the world have their headquarters in Switzerland, one might assume that this country would have a heavy interest in and bias toward conventional medicine, but such assumptions would be wrong. Read more ...

NHS Negligence bill tops £1bn per year

According to a leading article in the Independent on 19th June 2011, the total annual bill for clinical negligence claims against the NHS leapt by a third in 2010-11 to £1.04bn, up from the £770m paid out in 2009-10. Read more ...

Drug watchdog in fraud investigation

A leading article in the Independent on 7th November 2011 reported that the safety of medicines in the UK has been cast into doubt by a fraud inquiry at the European regulator responsible for licensing pharmaceutical drugs across the EU.

GlaxoSmithKline announced last week it would pay $3bn (£1.9bn) to settle US criminal and civil investigations into its sales practices, Read more ...

And here is a bit of good news - hooray!

Craniosacral Therapy can help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for War Veterans Read more ...

Negligence claims against GPs rising

According to a leading article in the Guardian on 29th July  2011, negligence claims against GPs are soaring and payouts to patients or their families have hit unprecedented levels, according to the organisations that indemnify most of the country's family doctors.

The Medical Defence Union statedthat claims against GPs rose by 20% between 2009 and 2010, mostly (60%) over wrong or missed diagnoses ... read more

Girl, 13, left in 'waking coma' after severe reaction to cervical cancer jabs

Daily Mail 15th November 2011 reports one of many stories emerging about the safety of the cervical cancer jab that girls as young as twelve are being given, without parental consent read more

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Craniosacral Therapy Can Help to Alleviate




Back Pain

Birth Trauma


Cerebral Palsy



Digestive Problems

Drug Withdrawal



Effects of Cancer Treatment


Frozen Shoulder

Hormonal Imbalances


Immune System Disorders



Menstrual Pain, PMS



 Problems During and After Pregnancy

Reintegration After Accidents



Spinal Curvature

Sports Injuries

Stress Related Illnesses

Tinnitus and Middle Ear Problems

TMJ (jaw) Disorders

Visual Disturbances

Whiplash Injuries

This is not an exhaustive list of conditions that may be helped by Craniosacral Therapy, but do remember that if you are getting any symptoms, the first thing to do is seek medical advice in case it is something serious that needs conventional medical attention